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Cross Country
Photo by Pauline Prescott

Canterbury Primary School Canterbury Cross Country Championship

Matai L —

On Wednesday June 19th, I attended the Canterbury Primary School Canterbury Cross Country Championship at Halswell Quarry.

The night before I was very nervous because it was my first time at representing Redwood School at the Canterbury Cross Country.

 When the team and I got to the event I couldn’t believe my eyes in how many people were there ! I had a quick jog with the other members of the Redwood Cross Country team before my race. When I assembled for my race there were 10 lines with 7 competitors in each line. 

I knew at the start it was going to be very difficult to get into the top ten.

At the start there was a lot of pushing and jostling for position to get to the front . As we ran over two bridges that were covered in black ice. I was worried that I was going to fall into the water! 

 I put lots of effort into the race, and I was surprised how far I got, 25th in my race.

I think it will be easier next year as I will now know the course and know what it will take to improve on my 25th placing. 

 My other team members were:

Daniel W, Summer A and Toby G

By Matai L