Hero photograph
Quiz Night 2018
Photo by Sharyn Varcoe

Quiz Night

Anne Jacques —

It was all happening at the Quiz Night, when at least eighty quizzlers turned up at the school hall to compete for their team.

Golden Shoe? There’s a Golden Shoe? Who knew? And an avocado is a vegetable, not a fruit? And at last the reason for why the kereru flies as he does. 

Under the inspired and wacky command of the MC, Paddy Scott (in case you are wondering, he doesn’t like musicals), the evening was raucous with humour and confusion in equal measure. 

The Kapa Haka students sold sausages, Paddy awarded spot prizes whenever he remembered, raffles were drawn and answers sold. 

It was a very entertaining evening, and earned over $800 to support Thomas Chin and the Kapa Haka, who are going to represent us at Nga Manu Korero national competition in Gisborne later this term.