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Photo by Max Killoh

Final Results - Year 10 Boys Discus

Aiden Ireland —

Here are the final results for the year 10 boys Discus

Congratulations to the following boys on their winning performance:

1.  Kaden Quigley

2. Brae Hamilton-Currey

3. Patelesio Fonoti 

And thank you to the following boys for helping make Gala Day what it is:

Jayden Bourne, Keith Chand, Gel Costales, James Fee, Thomas Gaynor, Samuel Harrison, Cameron Heaphy, Zak Johnson, Ethan Lee, Thomas Lethlean, Joshua Miles, Ranuga perera, William Robb, Nigel Tee, Evan Ting, Marquis Tupuhi Tipene, and Joe Wilson