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Student Volunteer Army
Photo by Courtney Watson

Riccarton High School Year 10's SVA Experience.

Courtney Watson —

Each year the University of Canterbury SVA focuses on mobilizing students to assist in their community.

Over the last few weeks, a group of year 10s from Riccarton High School have been working with the University of Canterbury's Student Volunteer Army, learning about leadership and teamwork. 

Cailin McVicar answered some questions about her experience with the University of Canterbury's Student Volunteer Army. 

- How have you found the experience with the UC's Student Volunteer Army so far?

"I've found it so fun, getting to learn and work with new people doing work that not only benefits myself but also benefits the people we were doing it for. It gives you a really good feeling."

- How long did this programme go for?

"The programme ran over a month with one day a week we did two classroom sessions and two outside doing physical work."

- What would you say are some of the primary things you've learned so far?

"I've learned a lot about leadership and teamwork, I learned that every person has different strengths and weaknesses, and working together really showed me how we can all use them to our advantage together."

- Is the Student Volunteer Army something you would be interested in joining after this experience?

"Yes! It was so much fun and it is organised so well. It's so awesome when everyone works together and you can see the results of that so clearly."

- What's a reason you would give to others to consider working with the SVA?

"Everything I said above, it's really cool that this experience has helped me to make new friends. Getting this experience to learn and work as a team with new people has been amazing. If you get the opportunity, do not miss it!"

The Student Volunteer Army takes great pride in the effect it has on young adults today. Like Cailin said, if you do get the opportunity to work with SVA or anyone else like it, take it, because meeting new people and learning with them sounds pretty good to me!