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Enrolment for students with ORS-funded Special Education Needs


Riccarton High School operates the following special programme for up to 20 learners verified for the On-going Resourcing Scheme.

Riccarton High School’s special programme is called Kohanga Ako. Individual education programmes take place in a very caring and supportive environment. Reading, writing, mathematics, social and independent living skills are emphasised. Classrooms are purpose-built to provide the specialist facilities needed. Mainstreaming opportunities are provided where appropriate. Specialist teachers are supported by a team of experienced Learning Assistants.

To be eligible for enrolment into Kohanga Ako a student must be verified for ORS.

Each year the Board will identify the number of spaces available in the programme for the following year. If there are places available, the Board will publish this information by way of a notice in a daily or community newspaper and on the school website. The notice will indicate how applications are to be made and will specify a date by which applications must be received.

If there are more applicants than places, the Board will offer places by way of a ballot. If there are more applicants in a priority group than there are places available, places must be allocated in priority order until a category is reached where the number of spaces available in that category is insufficient to accommodate the number of eligible students. Selection within that priority group must be by ballot.

Places will be allocated to students in the following order:

  • Those who live within the Riccarton High School Zone, or are already enrolled at the school
  • Those who live within the Allenvale Special School catchment
  • Those who have previously attended a special school or specialised programme
  • All other applicants

Where there are more applicants than spaces, the ballot will be used to establish a waiting list for vacancies that may arise during the year.

Applicants who live out-of-zone and do not secure a place in the special programme will enter the selection process for places at the school on the same basis as other out-of-zone students (unless the parents advise they do not wish to apply for places outside of the special programme).

Please note that enrolment into the special programme from outside the school zone does not entitle the student to Special Education School Transport Assistance if this is not the closest school to the regular place of residence.

All enrolment enquiries should be directed to the Head of the Kohanga Ako.

A specific Application for Enrolment form is available from the school. All applications must be received by the end of term 2.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome for places in Kohanga Ako by the end of term 3.