Hero photograph
Ultralife Dancers
Photo by Isabella Barry

2018 Dance Recital.

Aiden Ireland —

On Thursday the 13th of September, Riccarton High School's Dance Department hosted a vibrant display of talent, featuring a variety of dance styles ranging from hip-hop, musical theatre, contemporary, cha-cha, jazz, K-Pop and more from solos, duets, trios, small groups and large groups.

The Recital featured the following Acts:

  • Finesse Mix: Hip Hop: 1/2/3 Dance, Choreography by Guest tutors Matilda & Kiara from Zion Studios

  • I Will Survive: Cha Cha: Choreography by Peggy and Maxine

  • No Frauds Mix: Hip Hop: Choreography by Sophie

  • Bird Set Free: Contemporary: Level 2 dance, Choreography by Guest tutor Felicia Levings from Levings School of Dance

  • Ambarsariya- Excuse Me Girl: Indian Fusion Dance club: choreography by Sahiti

  • Lost Boy: Contemporary: Choreography by Rachel and Chloe

  • Nobody’s Better Remix, Hip Hop: Choreography by Vince Ragadi

  • Last Days of Summer: Contemporary: Choreography by Olivia

  • Fifth: Hip Hop: Choreography by members of Fourth Merge

  • Revolver: Jazz: Choreography by Madison

  • Rumor & Introduction: K-Pop: Choreography by Cassie adapted from K-Pop videos

  • Praying: Contemporary: Level 2 Dance, Choreography by Miss. Mifflin

  • Dally: K-Pop: Choreography by Emily, Jess, Sion

  • You are the Reason: Contemporary: Junior Dance troupe, choreography by Olivia

  • Cartier: Hip Hop: choreography by Maxine

  • Show Time: Japanese Hip Hop: choreography by Asumi and Shiori

  • Shot in the Dark: Contemporary: Senior Dance troupe, choreography by Lyn

  • Modern Hip Hop: Hip hop/Street: choreography by Vince and Carl

  • K-Pop Dance Crew: Korean Hip Hop: choreography by Tina and Cassie, adapted from K-Pop videos

  • Rajakumari- City Slums: Indian Fusion: choreography by Sahiti

  • Never Let You Go: Contemporary: 1/2/3 Dance, choreography by Miss. Mifflin

  • Walk It Talk It Remix: Hip Hop: choreography by Emily and Sophie

  • Ultralife: Contemporary: Senior dance troupe, choreography by Lyn

  • BAAM!: Hip Hop: choreography by Amrita, Brie, Alissa, Mya

  • Million Reasons: Contemporary: choreography by Laura

  • J-Girls: Japanese Hip Hop: choreography by members of the “J-Girls” Group

  • Like That: Contemporary: choreography by Nikita and Kayla

  • I Found: Lyrical: choreography by Olympia

  • Right Hand Man: Hip Hop Crew: choreography by Vince

  • Faded: Contemporary: choreography by Kathleen Vaeatangitau. This dance has been created in loving memory of Kathleen’s Uncle: Sosefo Kalangalupe Loloa

  • The Greatest Show: Musical Theatre show by levels 1/2/3 Dance, Collaborative choreography by Miss. Mifflin and 1/2/3 Dance, adapted from “The Greatest Showman”

We would like to thank everyone who turned up to support our Dance Department, and hope everyone involved is looking forward to next year!