Hero photograph
Alex, Ben, Jason L, Tyrone and Micayla visit Cathedral Square.
Photo by Jill Turnbull

Kohanga Ako Community Visits

Jill Turnbull —

On Thursday afternoons students travel around the Christchurch area using the buses. We have visited a lot of different places this term.

Riccarton Mall

One Thursday we got on the bus and we had lunch at the Mall. Afterwards we took a look around at the shops like EB games, clothes shops, Countdown and the 2 Dollar shop. And once we were done we hopped on the bus and drove back to school. Jason B.


Last Thursday the group went to Bunny Lodge near Rolleston. We looked at the animals. I would like to do work experience there. It's a good thing for me to look after animals. Olivia.

Art Gallery Trip

I went to an art gallery. I liked the pictures I saw on the screen. I screamed because the water was moving and I saw a seal come right to my face. Micayla R.

Halswell Library Trip

Mrs Leishman’s group went to the Halswell Library (Te Hapua) and we took a look at all the books, the PlayStation four and all the computers. After we were done we headed back to school on the bus. Jason B.

Orbiter Trips

On Thursday afternoons I go bussing with Mr Smith. We catch the Orbiter to Barrington mall. I use my Metrocard to pay for my bus ride. I go to the Freshchoice Supermarket and buy potato chips. I like to visit The Warehouse and look at the DVDs. Jack M.