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Our Counsellors

Riccarton High —

Our counsellors are Mr. Singh, Ms. Grocott, Mrs. McKenzie and Mr. Ishrahm.

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Mr Singh


I became a counsellor through working with students at risk. The most rewarding part of being a counsellor is knowing that you had a part in affecting the life of another human being. Giving hope when people feel hopeless. Inspiring others to be all that they are capable of being. I value friendship, honesty, genuineness and acts of kindness. Our counselling service is confidential. No problem is too big or too small. We will help you learn strategies to cope, support you and advocate for you. If you are ready to talk we are ready to listen. We are here for you.  
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Ms Grocott


I became a counsellor because I believe everyone deserves to live a life worth living, sometimes circumstances can make it hard, and sometimes we need a bit of help to work our way through. Life throws us all kinds of things that we’ve never met before, how can we possibly be expected to know how to deal with it without a little help? There are no real rules about how to go about counselling - it’s all about what would be useful to you – sometimes it's just nice to talk about stuff in a space where you know you won’t be judged.

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Mrs McKenzie


One of the things I like about being a counselor is the privilege of hearing people's stories, my office is a safe place for students to talk in confidence and feel heard without judgment. In my spare time I like to go walking and I play table tennis to stay active. At home I live with my husband, 2 cats and a dog.