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Attendance and Punctuality


Coming to school and arriving at school on time are the first steps in succeeding.


Successful students have high attendance, many at or close to 100%, and they are always on time.

Attendance is monitored every period and student absences are followed up. Mrs Roberts sends text messages around 10:00am each day to parents of students who have been marked absent without explanation.

Please advise us of absences by:

  • phoning Mrs Anne Roberts 348 5073 ext 821


Our school has adopted the Ministry of Education guideline of 85% as a minimum attendance requirement. This includes attendance at classes, assemblies, tutorials as well as special events such as Gala Sports day, sports exchanges, field trips.

At mid-year and end-of-year assemblies, students who exceed 95% attendance will receive a certificate to recognise this. Students with 100% attendance will be further acknowledged.

Students may at any time negotiate with their Kaitiaki to make up for time missed.

Ultimately, students who fail to reach our attendance criteria may be required to repeat the year.

We look for parental support in promoting high attendance. We understand that there are times when students cannot attend but we ask that this is kept to a minimum.

Please avoid:

  • family holidays during term time. Approval for extended absences must be sought from the Principal before making bookings.


Being in class on time is a courtesy. It is a way of showing respect to teachers and classmates. It also shows organisation and commitment to learning. Both attendance and punctuality will be recorded on the fortnightly reports.