Hero photograph
Photo by Amie Blackwell

Riccarton High School's Music Soiree 2018.

Aiden Ireland —

On Saturday the 22nd of September, Riccarton High Schools annual Music Soiree took place in Lyttelton.

The event featured some of Riccarton's finest musicians, altogether coming up with 43 pieces to perform. It was awesome to see so many supporters there, as tickets had sold out quite early on! 

The day was a long one for those setting up and the musicians themselves, seeing as the performances were only due to start at 7:00pm and they were there in Lyttelton from 2:30pm onwards. 

The performances were outstanding and have gained a LOT of recognition already, with one performance having over 200 views on an artist's Facebook not even a day after they performed. 

Thank you so much to the tech crew who helped with lighting, sound, set up and much more, to the M.A.D crew who did an excellent job with the photography and videography for the night, and to Ms. Plummer who put so much time and effort into making this night a memorable one! 

We hope you enjoyed the performances and we can't wait to see you all there again next year!