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Photo by Emma Trott

Kokiri Lodge

Rebecca Nicholson —

Riccarton High School owns our camp – Kokiri Lodge – just outside of Greymouth. 

It is a great place for the school to have – and to be able to offer outdoor education camps to our students at a cost less than going to outside providers. 

The costs of operating the Lodge are not covered by any government funding, as it is entirely owned by the school.

In order to keep it well looked after - and be able to make quality improvements - the Board of Trustees is asking our parents to contribute a small amount each year towards the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and grounds and programme equipment. For example, we are just planning a project to build new sleeping quarters for the staff – both the Kokiri staff who live on site while the school camps are on, and for the teaching staff who go over each week with the students – to replace the old, uninsulated and non-weathertight rooms that have been around for about 50 years.

The amount is $15 per student per year – and this is a donation, so it is a voluntary contribution to financially support the school.

This amount will appear on the attached invoice – parents of Year 9 students will already have seen this charge on their school account.