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Photo by Isabella Barry

Gala Day gets off to an exciting start

Matthew Ladbrook —

Four hours in, Gala Day has well and truly started with a wide variety of sports and activities such as discus, shot put, long jump and 800m Long Distance.

From 8:30 this morning the students of Riccarton have been running, leaping and throwing with all the commitment and excellence of the Riccarton Way.

On the track, the day started off with 100m heats. These were some great races where everyone gave it their best! These were followed up by 200m, 800m and 400m races, we are super pumped for the finals of these races later on.

Year 9 girls' shotput started off the day out in the field and we had incredible throws from Brooke Mathie in first, Kataraina Eru in second and Kelly Hodder in third place.

We also had Gala Sports for the year 9s and 10s, these were lots of fun for all involved. One of these games was the classic tug of war. We saw lots of people giving these their all!

We've also seen lots of people getting into the Gala Day spirit by dressing up in awesome costumes with their classes and friends. Some of these are fairies, bananas and even old ladies driving cars!

Later there will be some novelty sports and we are so excited to see everyone give these their all!