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Co-curricular Activity Involvement


It is fun and rewarding to improve in things, whether they be sports or musical instruments.

Improvement will be fast-tracked by attending all scheduled practices and games/productions - results will follow.

Because of the value we place on students’ involvement in activities outside the classroom, ie sports teams, music and cultural activities, it is important they are reminded of the requirements to ensure they have a worthwhile and enjoyable experience and their coaches and teachers do also.

It is crucial students fulfil their attendance requirements. If a student signs up for an activity, it is for the whole activity, not just part of it. Planned team or individual practice times become a priority. Please try, wherever possible, to plan appointment times around practices and encourage students not to work on days when their activity falls. This can be difficult but the coaches and teachers have organised their time around the activity. Only an unforeseeable urgent matter should prevent fulfilment of attendance responsibility, in which case a prior personal explanation to the teacher/coach concerned is an expected courtesy. Messages should not be sent through other students. We encourage self-responsibility - an invaluable life-long skill.

Please remind your child that extra-curricular activities are offered to them by teachers/coaches in their own time for no additional payment, to provide students with further opportunities. 

We hope students will respect that and fulfil their responsibilities.