Hero photograph
Gala Day Banners
Photo by Matthew Ladbrook

Banners - A difficult decision for the judges

Matthew Ladbrook —

Throughout Gala Day we have seen tons of awesome banners all made by awesome form classes with love and care.

From when we arrived this morning we have seen the number of banners out on the field grow, all of them are unique and creative in their own way. The challenge was to show the Riccarton Way and we have seen this in so many different way from compass points to colored words to music lyrics.

Among the many banners we have seen lots of flags showing the diversity of our school. These have all been in different forms, some examples are test tubes from 13Cs, the whole banner from 11It, painted hands from 11Ws and a border from 12/13My.

It will definitely be a difficult job for the judges when it comes time but in our mind they're all winners.