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Riccarton High School Peerswick Scholarship applications close June 20


This is a reminder that applications for the Peerswick Scholarship close Monday June 20.

Each year the Board of Trustees of Riccarton High School offers two scholarships (one for a boy and one for a girl) to Year 8 students coming to Riccarton the following year.

The scholarships are awarded for general excellence—we take into account academic ability, sporting, cultural and community contribution.

In other words, we look for someone who is an all-rounder who excels in a number of areas, as we feel that achievement is much more than just how well a student performs academically.

For an application form, please click here

Alternatively, forms are available from:

The main office, Riccarton High School, 31 Vicki Street, Christchurch 8042
phone: (03)348-5073
email: info@riccarton.school.nz