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Photo by Amie Blackwell

Supervision and safety of students.

Shane Morrow —

We have a duty of care to the people who learn and work in our school.

At Riccarton High School, students are supervised during the timetabled day and in co-curricular activities when they are run by our teaching staff. We also have teachers on duty at interval and lunchtime around our buildings and grounds. The school office is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm each school day. It is only between these hours that we are able to have staff members on call who can respond to issues that might arise in the school.

We have noticed that some students are arriving at school quite early in the morning or leaving late in the afternoon. We feel it is important to remind our community that we cannot be responsible for the supervision of students who are on the school grounds outside of the school office opening hours. Anyone using our school’s buildings or grounds or the Upper Riccarton Library “after hours” must be responsible for themselves and their own safety.