RHS Junior and Senior Climbers by Jasmine White

Climbing High

On the 5th & 6th of September 2019, Riccarton High School competed in the South Island Secondary Schools Rock Climbing Championships, held at the YMCA Roxx.

Riccarton High School entered two teams, both in the mixed division:

Senior Elite team: Alex Ostle (Captain), Jasmine White, Asher Mcneil & Miriam McFie.

Junior Select team: Anika Irving (Captain), Jae Hatton, Libby Sellars & Sam Dowrick.

Over the span of two days both teams competed exceptionally well. Through all the blood, sweat and even occasional tears, the sportsmanship and aroha that they showed to one another and to other teams, acted as a reminder to everyone of why climbing is such a great sport to be part of.

Although neither team medaled at the end of the competition, moments of pride along the way came from witnessing each climber top out on climbs that they were having trouble with in practice but smash out in competition.

At the end of the South Islands the Senior Elite team finished 5th in the mixed division, and the Junior Select finished 7th in the mixed division. Whilst the Senior Elite was 8th overall in the South Island. The junior team did great for their first competition, following closely behind the seniors.

To our wonderful climbers; thank you for making South Islands as amazing as it was, your dedication, passion, and love for this sport made South Islands a whirlwind of laughter and inside jokes. Climbers, we leave you with this "If you don't know where to go...go up!."

Jasmine White - Manager of Rock Climbing

Alex Ostle - Coach of Rock Climbing 

Our Senior Team — Image by: Jasmine White

Our Junior Team — Image by: Jasmine White