Our Kaiarataki (Heads of House). From left to right: Aeronwy Cording, Lydia Mills, Kalina Harmer-Campbell, Heather Lindsay by Will Eason

New school structure for 2020

In 2020 our school will be comprised of 4 Whare (Houses) where students will be supported by their Kaiarataki (Head of House), Kaitiaki (Dean) and their Whānau Teacher.

Student's whānau group will be comprised of a small group of students ranging from years 9-13.  This really emphasises the idea of ‘family’ and provides them with the opportunity to meet with some of our older students each week. The students Whānau Teacher is a key person who will ensure that each student makes the most of their opportunities while at Riccarton High School. 

He whānau kotahi tatou. Together we are one.

Our Kaitiaki (Deans) - From left to right: Kara Ross, Sabina Reed, Rick Harlow, Natalie Bell — Image by: Will Eason