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Important announcement from RHS Board of Trustees

There has been coverage in the news recently about the new school donation scheme. Under this, schools can opt in to receive a government-funded donation of $150 per student instead of asking families for the general school donation.

Last week, the Riccarton High School Board of Trustees decided to opt into this scheme for 2020. We will be monitoring this closely to ensure we are still able to offer the same standard of education that we currently do.

The school wants to make sure that we do not compromise on the range of educational opportunities that we offer our students. If we find that we are unable to offer certain trips or deliver certain events, then we may look to opt out of the scheme in 2021 and ask our parents/whanau for donations again.

So, what will we still be asking parents and whanau to pay for?  In line with the Ministry of Education guidelines, we will ask for donations for:

  • Overnight camps at our new facility at Birch Hill.
  • Any overnight camps/trips related to the school curriculum.

And fees for:

  • The cost of the take home component materials for specific subjects
  • Extra-curricular activities such as music, sport, Duke of Edinburgh, drama, etc
  • Hire of music instruments for extra-curricular music
  • Extra-curricular IT network requirements – non compulsory hardware and software, including access to the school wi-fi network.
  • Optional workbooks – i.e. for extra work outside of the classroom

For more information on this scheme you can go to the Ministry of Education website:

And if you have any questions you can contact the school on:  telephone 348 5073 or email Rebecca Nicholson at:

We appreciate the support our families/whanau provide to Riccarton High School and the opportunities it provides our students.


Paul Bridgeman

Chairman, Riccarton High School  Board of Trustees