Digital tikanga magnet

Device Advice

This year we are BYOD at Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 levels, and all new students are expected to bring a suitable device to school. An internet capable device is now an important part of a student’s toolkit, giving them access to unlimited resources and enabling them to support, extend, collaborate and share their learning in a way that prepares them for the future.

At Riccarton High School, we firmly believe the best approach is blended learning, where the primary focus is on the learning rather than the tools used to deliver it. 

Blended learning draws from many teaching styles such as group work, discussion and presentation. 

Digital tools support this rich learning environment through collaboration, feedback and access to varied media.

We are encouraging students to be responsible for having their devices here each day, having those devices charged and using them appropriately.

At home, students may need to use their device for some homework. It is good to have a device in a shared, supervised space in your home. 

It is also good to be off devices at least an hour before bed to ensure optimal sleep.

Conversations at home about ‘positive in’; to make them think about what they are reading and watching and positive out; to make them think about what they are posting on a device, are important to have with your sons and daughters. 

All year 9 students have received a Riccarton Way digital tikanga magnet this term to take home and this is a good starting point for these conversations.