Exchange to Japan

On March 8, Year 13 student, Jack Harwood, will be travelling to Kurashiki, Japan, as a part of a bi-annual Youth and Disabilities exchange. He will go with his big sister Victoria, plus the other participant, Liam, and his mother, Debbie.

Every second year Christchurch sends two young people with disabilities to Kurashiki on an exchange, and Kurashiki sends two people every alternate year.

The aim is to give the two visitors an insight into Japanese life and culture and to give the Japanese hosts a chance to see what life is like with a disability. The exchange will take place over ten days, with various activities exploring Kurashiki planned.

The event is planned by the Christchurch City Council, and sponsored by Independent Fisheries.

Kurashiki is a historical town in Okayama Prefecture, and has been a sister city with Christchurch since 1973.