Brain Busters TV Show

We were approached by Whitebait Media earlier this year with an opportunity for our Year 9 students to be involved in the TV show Brain Busters.

On the new series, contestants can progress through various rounds of questions and earn the chance to take part in the show’s in-studio obstacle course. Each Brain Busters episode has four contestants, all of whom get to take home cash.

We held an initial online quiz for all Year 9 students and then the top 50 students were interviewed for a place on the show. 

The successful students are:

Megan Teo

Koiki Basit

Nyella Thompson

Parwin Kawa

Elizabeth Baird

Hamish Lindsay

Rafael Ferreira

Lexie Erridge

Arabella Aitken

Hugh Ryan

Nethira Ravishankar

You can watch our students on various episodes on TVNZ2, weekdays or via TVNZ On Demand. We are so proud of them all! Ka Rawe! Bree Smith

An account by successful contestant Arabella Aitken:

“I didn’t have high hopes for the show and was sure that I would come last, so it was a pleasant surprise when I found myself coming in the top two after the first three rounds! The Top two made it into the obstacle course, and so my contestant and I got to relax for about 5 hours until it was our turn to go on the obstacle course.

The course was easily my favourite part of the show. I’m a huge fan of active things and couldn’t wait to get on the course. Everything seemed really hard in the example but when we actually had to do it, it happened so quickly that I barely had time to think. I remember thinking the whole time that I was way behind my contestant, until I got to the hurdles and realised that I was quite far ahead. Pressing the buzzer was more of a relief than anything else to be honest, because the fact that I had actually won didn’t really sink in and I was mainly just filled with relief that I hadn’t been eliminated.

I got to mill around for a bit waiting to be called in for amygdala. I had as long as I wanted to answer the questions, but it seemed like we were supposed to say an answer no matter what, so I ended up saying some pretty hilarious answers.

Having the cameras trained on you and the lights shining in your eyes was nerve wracking at first, but when you’re trying to figure out an answer you kind of forget that they’re there. The one thing that was on my mind the whole time was that I needed to keep a smile on my face, so I ended up running through an obstacle course whilst looking like I had just won the lotto.”