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November 2015 Newsletter

Year 9 and 10 assessments

In late November and early December we will be running a range of assessments for our junior students. 

These provide important information for class and subject placements for next year. They also inform our end of year reports which will be sent home by email on Tuesday 15th of December.

It is business, and timetable, as usual for Year 9 and 10 students, even though the senior students have now left for external exams. We expect our junior students to remain engaged in their learning and to maintain the high standards the Riccarton Way expects. There will be some opportunities for end of year celebrations and fun at the very end of the term.

Year 9 assessments:

Year 9 students will have assessments in class time in the final few weeks of the term. With very few exceptions, they remain on their usual timetable for the rest of the school year.

Year 10 assessments:

On Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 of November all Year 10 students will sit assessment tasks, under exam conditions, in the school Hall. It is a good opportunity for them to experience formal exams ahead of next year’s NCEA. Students must be in full school uniform and be outside the Hall at least 15 minutes before their exams begin. Year 10 students will only need to attend school for exams on these two days and will be released at around 12:45.

Teachers will provide information about the material that will be assessed and what equipment needs to be brought along. Students need to be organising effective revision programmes for these exams.

Monday 23rd November:

8:30 – 10:30: Maths

11:00 – 12:30: Social Studies

Tuesday 24th November:

8:30 – 10:30: English

11:00 – 12:30: Science

Normal timetable resumes for Year 10 students on Wednesday 25th November.

Other subjects will also have important assessments as the academic year comes to a close. These will be held in class time.


Top student and Dux, Fredy Youssif, with Proxime Accessit, Rachel Liao.

Senior Prizegiving

by RHS

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Neil Haywood, Principal

Principal's Message

by Neil Haywood

Time has certainly flown by since my arrival in May and now it is hard to believe that it is time to farewell our leavers and to wish our senior students well for their external exams. 

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Leavers' assembly.

We farewell our Year 13s

by RHS

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2016 Timetable

2016 Riccarton High School Timetable

by RHS

Changes have been made to the timetable for 2016.

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Alan Aitkin, Board Chair

Board News

by Alan Aitken

I find it impossible to start this column without mentioning the All Black victory. 

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Micaela Brenssell.

Zonta Awards

by RHS

Congratulations to Micaela Brenssell, who has won the contribution to sports administration in a position of umpire, referee, coach or tutor award, at the Zonta Sports Awards for Secondary Schools.

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Foundation Day assembly.

Foundation Day

by RHS

Foundation Day was celebrated with a full school assembly led by Mr Haywood. 

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by RHS

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Junior Workday

by David McKenzie

Junior Workday will take place on Friday 27 November, with the proceeds going towards purchasing a commercial washing machine and chiller, in addition to updating activities gear for Kokiri Lodge.

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Sion Choi, Laura Preston, Moe Susuki, Vanessa Ye, Ruby Perring, Apoorva Patelkhana, Francesca Zhang

Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award 

by Chris Stoop

Term 4 started with a wet, windy and later, warm weekend at Peel Forest, South Canterbury where Ms Jermy, Mr Harlow and Mrs Stoop encouraged nine students to don wet weather gear and head for the hills.

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Jazz Anderson.

Jazz Anderson receives Queen's Guide Award

by Susan Bennett

Jazz Anderson has recently completed her Queen's Guide Award through Rangers. 

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Kevin Guo (11NM), Honoka
Shimoda (12BD),Tiger Wang (11GN), Sherita Xie (11NM), Black Han (11ME), Rosa Verkasalo (13TS). Monika Kim (11SC) also
received an excellence award but is not in the photo. 

Riccarton International

by Frances Couling

We are proud to announce that eight of our international students received awards at Senior Prizegiving this year.

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Matthew Woermann, Leo Shin, Andrew Fordyce, Samuel Gamble

6th International Junior Young Physicists’ Competition

by Leo Shin (11ME), Samuel Gamble (11HG), Matthew Woermann (11ME), Andrew Fordyce (11RG).

During the first weekend of term 4, a group of students, accompanied by Ms Napier flew over to Wellington to compete in the 6th International Junior Young Physicists’ Competition. 

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Physics flight

by Jamin Kim (12ED)and Shelley Li (12BU)

On 20 October, 20 physics students went to Christchurch airport to take flight. 

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Rhayanny Da Silva Pereira received a Certificate of
Outstanding Achievement in Hairdressing at the Canterbury Tertiary College
Prizegiving for Secondary Tertiary Partnership students

Canterbury Tertiary College Prizegiving

by Alison Mason

Rhayanny Da Silva Pereira received a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in Hairdressing at the Canterbury Tertiary College Prizegiving for Secondary Tertiary Partnership students. 

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Ryan McFarlane learning the skills of a stonemason for an
upcoming episode of the "Just the Job" television series

Ryan McFarlane features in "Just the Job" television series

by Alison Mason

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Ilam Gardens
challenge. The class join hands around the biggest tree.

Special Needs Department News

by Jill Turnbull

Term four is always a fun, interesting and busy time for the students in the special needs classes.

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Australian National Chemistry Quiz

by Bruce Saunders

Thirteen Riccarton High School students took part in the Australian National Chemistry Quiz, joining 1140 New Zealand students across 36 schools. 

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Girls Volleyball

by Mary Edmondson

A round-up of what's been happening in Volleyball.

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Megan Woods, MP for Wigram, with Cheyenne Te Haara-Barr, who has been selected as the Youth MP for Wigram. 

Youth MP for Wigram

by RHS

Cheyenne Te Haara-Barr has been selected as the Youth MP for Wigram. 

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Riccarton High School Gardening Fun Day

Riccarton High School Gardening Fun Day

by Jason Alexander (10GV), Marcus Brorens (10GV), Will Eason (10RY), Max Killoh (10NS)

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