by Rosaria Martin

International Languages Week

Riccarton High school celebrating our diversity!

This week, at Riccarton High School we have been celebrating the ‘International Languages Week’ where we have been acknowledging the diversity and cultures around our school. 

Students have been told to look out for quotes in the daily notices and keep an eye out for ‘Cantanational’, an event organised and run by the Culture Council here at Riccarton High School. Cantanational is similar to Cantamaths, but instead of answering different questions to do with mathematics, the students will be answering questions about different cultures and competing to get the most points.

How can YOU be more involved?

  1. Try learning another language for a week! Challenge yourself to learn a different language and use it in your day-to-day life. You can try this by greeting your teachers in the morning or competing with your friends to see who can learn the most words/ greetings within a week.

  2. Try turning your school lunches into foreign foods you’ve never tried before - doing this doesn’t only teach you traditional cooking skills, but expands your palate.

  3. Watch films based in different countries that speak in different languages.

  4. Take a look at your family tree - you’ll be sure to find some cool facts about your family and the countries they descended from.