The newly formed RHS Filipino Cultural Dance group. by Zohra Nabi

Celebrating Filipino Independence Day

On Wednesday the 12th of June our Filipino students, along with 50 Riccarton Primary School students, celebrated Filipino Independence Day.

Our Filipino students opened the celebration with some wonderful words to describe the importance of Independence Day, followed by the national anthem.  Students from both schools performed songs including Pinoy Ako and the traditional folklore song, Ang Pipit. The newly formed Riccarton High School Filipino Cultural Dance Group (trained by Ms Joy Pagaduan of the Kaloob Philippine Music and Dance Ministry), had their debut performance which included two traditional dances called Tinikling and the Kapamalong Malong.   A number of teachers, parents and community members were present to enjoy the performances which were concluded with the serving of traditional Filipino food.  This was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  

The dance group also performed at the Upper Riccarton Library that afternoon, and at the Turanga Library on the 15th of June.  These performances were a wonderful chance for our Filipino students to showcase their talents and to celebrate and share their culture with our school and our community.  The students all did an incredible job and felt immense pride in doing so.  

Image by: Zohra Nabi
Tinikling. — Image by: Zohra Nabi

Image by: Zohra Nabi