PISA Testing

Riccarton High School has been selected to take part in PISA 2021, one of the world's largest education research studies. Its aim is to help governments around the world understand how well their education system is preparing children for success and informed citizenship after finishing school.

PISA runs every three years and is organised by the OECD, an inter-government organisation committed to 'better policies for better lives'.

Ninety eight RHS students have been randomly selected by the Ministry of Education to take part in the computer-based test which focuses on reading, mathematical and scientific literacy. All data recorded is confidential to PISA.

This test is being held on Wednesday, 9 June and students who have been randomly selected will be notified by letter. The testing will take place here at Riccarton HS in the various computer labs so students involved will not be attending their normal classes at the time.

This is a great honour for these students as they will help to shape the future of education in NZ. It is for this reason that all students selected must endeavour to attend.