Ahmed Lulu by Kalina Harmer-Campbell

Whaiao Whare Update

In Whaiao we have a carved whare taonga, ‘The Spirit of Whaiao’, that is awarded at our whare assemblies.

It is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate individuals or groups within our whare who have contributed positively to the culture of the whare or exemplified the Riccarton Way values within our school or beyond in the wider community. The ‘Spirit of Whaiao’ recipients so far in 2021 are:

  • Ahmed Lulu (Yr 13) for his positive contribution and leadership in peer support
  • Rahiri Mataakama (Yr 10) for leadership and showing the Riccarton Way on school camp
  • Christina Belford (Yr 11) for her positive contribution and leadership as a member of our RHS Pasifika group
  • Jorje Cattermole (Yr 12) for service and commitment to RHS in multiple councils/groups over the last 4 years
Rahiri Mataakama — Image by: Kalina Harmer-Campbell

Jorjie Cattermole — Image by: Kalina Harmer-Campbell
Christina Belford — Image by: Kalina Harmer-Campbell

Congratulations to all of these students - we are proud to have you as members of our Whaiao whānau. Thank you for all of your positive contributions in our school community!

Mrs Kalina Harmer-Campbell

Kaiarataki of Whaiao