Sexuality Education - Year 9 and 10

Sexuality education is one of seven key areas of learning in the Health and Physical Education learning area of The New Zealand Curriculum.

It must be included in teaching programmes at both primary and secondary school levels, using the strands and achievement objectives outlined in the curriculum.

Our year 9 and 10 classes are now approaching our teaching around this key area of learning. Below is an outline of the units of work at each year level. If you have any questions about the content covered please contact your child's Health and Physical Education teacher or Head of Health, Sarah Eaton at

In our Junior Health programmes we use the year 9 and 10 Family Planning Resources ‘Navigating the Journey’ to guide the planning of our units.

Year 9 - “Managing Me”

Students will identify changes that occur to them during puberty in relation to their wellbeing. They will explore the effects this has on all aspects of their life and come to understand the similarities and differences between individuals at this time. Students will explore sexuality terminology, gender stereotypes and understanding healthy relationships.

Year 10 - “YOU-ality”

Students explore their understanding of sexuality with a strong emphasis on identity, values and beliefs. Students will have opportunities to develop their decision making, consent, assertiveness skills and an understanding of the possible consequences in relation to making health-enhancing/non-health enhancing decisions around relationships and intimacy.