by Will Eason

Humans of Riccarton - Carl Quiatchon

Carl Quiatchon is a year 12 student at Riccarton High School who is in this year’s school production of Footloose.

What’s something you enjoy about life? Something that makes you genuinely happy no matter what?

“I love to sing and on that note in footloose and we do a lot of singing as it is a musical.”
What got you into singing?
Ever since I was young, I was put into a choir in church. Ever since then I have been singing.”

What’s something that you have always wanted to do but never have and why haven’t you done them?

“I have always wanted to go to Japan and explore the countryside because I love the scenery in Japan and haven’t been able to go there because of COVID-19.”

Do you have any goals? Any you would like to share?

“I have a lot. One of them is to become a full fledged singer, this is when you actually go up on stage and perform. Another goal next year is to win nationals next year for volleyball.”

What are some challenges you’ve had to face in your lifetime and how have you learnt them?

“There was a time where my parents made me choose between basketball and volleyball and I had to pick the one that I was more enthusiastic about. My Dad wanted me to play basketball. I learnt however there is no point in doing something that you don’t find fun.”