by Josh Forman

Student Achievement Interview Day (SAID)

Thank you to everyone who came to this term's Student Achievement Interview Day held on Thursday, 27 May. Our next SAID will be held on Wednesday, 1 September (Term 3, Week 6) and will provide an opportunity to discuss progress to date, what is required for the rest of Term 3 and beyond, as well as discussions around course selection for 2022.

This day will provide an opportunity for students and their whānau to meet with subject teachers, at a time convenient to families, between 9:00am and 7:00pm. 

This day will be relevant to seniors who are preparing for NCEA, but also for juniors who may have had subject changes since the end of Term 2.

Further details will come at the start of Term 3 in regards to booking appointment times.

Unfortunately this date coincides with the winter tournament week when some students and staff will be absent due to sport, but whānau are still encouraged to make bookings even if the students will be involved in the sport.