Grace McConnell and Eva Franicevic. by Karen Churchward

Riccarton Rowing

Grace McConnell (Year 11) and Eva Franicevic (Year 11) have taken to the water this summer by getting involved in rowing.

They have been training with Villa Maria as well as the Avon Rowing Club and have recently competed at Canterbury Champs.

They represented themselves and Riccarton High School to a very high standard. As the only two rowers from Riccarton, it was hard work going up against schools with long histories in the sport. 

The race announcer made a special mention about how great it was to have rowers from Riccarton High at the Regatta and he hoped to see more.

The girls came fifth out of eight in the novice doubles under 16 and seventh out of seven in the open woman’s doubles. 

They kept up with the other rowers who were all the top two rowers from their respective schools with at least two years rowing under their belts. 

Grace and Eva did a great job competing and are looking forward to attending more regatta’s this summer.