KKG Whanau Class: Elijah, Briana, Emma, Ozaer, Jubaer, Alex and Connor.

Kohanga Ako

In KKG (Ms King) there are five new students. One girl, Briana, and four boys; Alex, Connor, Ozaer and Jubaer (identical twins).

Emma and Elijah are the Year 10’s who are helping the new students understand the time-table and other things they need to know with their experience of a whole year at RHS!

Elijah Ramos 10KKG

My name is Elijah. My favourite thing about school is Art. If I was stuck inside all day I would draw. I am always happy and like making new friends. 

Emma Bellamy 10KKG

This year at Riccarton High School, I have helped the new students in my whanau class feel welcome by including them in games. I have enjoyed Maths because of the challenge. I have also enjoyed going back to RDA (Riding for the Disabled). I missed all the horses over the Christmas break. 

Emma Bellamy

Ozaer Alam 9KKG

I came from Kirkwood Intermediate. This year I started at Riccarton High School and have made friends with Aman and New. They are nice boys. I have met lots of new people this year. I was a little shy and nervous when I started, but now I feel good. On Friday it was Gala Day. We were doing the 100m run and I did not give up at all. I kept trying and trying and I was proud of myself. On Mondays we go to Dance with Miss Robinson - she is a nice lady. We get very fit. I enjoy doing P.E with Miss Eaton. Today we were playing basketball with her. It was good fun.

Ozaer Alam

Jubaer Alam 9KKG

I came from Kirkwood intermediate too. I felt very good about coming to High School making new friends with New and Aman. I visited Ms King - my whanau teacher, Mrs Grey and Mrs Johnson are the teacher aides in my class. The Dance teacher is Miss Robinson and the PE teacher is Miss Eaton. I also visited Mrs Bowles and Mrs Payne. The Computer teacher is Mr Harris. I liked Gala day.

Jubaer Alam

Alex Mosely 9KKG

I came to Riccarton High School from Our Lady of Victories. I like doing service outside environment rubbish collecting. I really enjoyed Gala day dressing up in my whanau colours. I ran in the 800m race and I came 4th place. I had lots of fun even though I was hot.

Alex Mosely

Connor Carston 9KKG

I came from Beckenham primary school. I felt nervous and excited. Ms King is my whanau class teacher and I visited her last year to meet her. For Gala Day I ran in the 400m race. I was really happy that I came 2nd! I like going on the field for Fitness; going on the obstacle course at school. At Dance with Miss Robinson I enjoy the warm up dance called ‘High Hopes’ by Panic at the Disco.

Connor Carston

Briana Jenkins 9 KKG

It is my first year at RHS. Last year I was at Wharenui. I am enjoying social games - playing Jenga with other students. I also like playing Buzz Off Hairy Legs in Maths.

Briana Jenkins