by Shane Morrow

Dropping off in the school grounds is not permitted

We are quite concerned that a number of parents are driving through the school grounds to drop-off and pick-up their young people.

We have over 1000 people coming into the school each day and are worried that there is the potential for an accident. 

Appropriate places to drop-off or pick-up students off are:

  • On Main South Road or Colman Avenue - students can use the controlled pedestrian crossing on Main South Road
  • Vicki Street
  • Suva Street - students can use the controlled pedestrian crossing on Curletts Road

We specifically ask that parents do not use the Main South Road driveway and the library carpark as a drop-off or pick-up point, or drive onto the school grounds through the main gate (entered from Vicki Street).

Parents are welcome to use the Vicki Street carpark if they are coming into the school for a meeting or event. 

Please remember that there is a 10kph speed restriction inside the school grounds.