by Courtney Watson

Nikki Conyers Staff Profile

Nikki Conyers explains flip learning - a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment.

“Last year I only fully flipped one topic at Level 2 and Level 3 and the results came out, and it was really good. It was Level 2, there was a 39% increase of Merits and Excellences for that topic with my teaching compared to the year before and that’s huge, 39%! I think for the Level 3 it was a 10% increase in Merit and Excellences because you really have the time to dig deeper.”

In a traditional classroom, you have the teacher standing up in front of the class and then the students will go home and do it on their own. 

Whereas in a flip classroom the content delivered by the teacher lecturing is taken out and put into a video made by the teacher that students get before class. 

"So in class, students have got the time to do the practice, which will help with those difficult problems and really look at deep learning and group work, more practical work and it also means as teachers, we are not stuck at the front of the room lecturing."

Mr. Paewai, Ms. Blackwell and Mr. Thompson are all starting to use flip classroom this year. 

Flip learning allows you to do more because it means that you can create different pathways within your classroom. This makes sure everybody is getting what they need to progress!