What it means to be a Teenager or a Parent of a Teenager

The 'Attitude' group will be visiting the school on Monday 20 May and presenting to the students their funny, yet insightful take on what it means to be a teenager and how to navigate this exciting time in their lives.

This year they will also be coming to present to the parents of teenagers or those who are about to enter this exciting age in their households. The parent evening will be on Monday, 27 May at 7 pm in the school hall. The title for this evening is "The Teenage Years" and this is what the Attitude people hope to cover in their presentation:

  • Get the insights that you need to help your child to positively navigate the changes of adolescents.
  • Young people live in a world of change that includes, changing thoughts, changing feelings, changing connections and changing bodies.
  • This is a time to reinforce the foundation that your relationships with your child is built on.
  • We offer insight into your young person’s world as well as practical tips to help guide them on their journey.