by Remco Baars


The South Island Secondary Schools Junior Badminton Tournament was held in Christchurch on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 November.

Riccarton entered a boys and a girls team. 

The boys team consisted of Alrenzo Martinez, Keanno Bascuguin, Philip Lee and Jann Sotelo. 

Competition was fierce and the boys played well, often forcing games well past the usual 21 needed to win. 

In the end they were placed fourth, with the final game to decide third place going to the last few points.

The girls team, consisting of Abipsha Sengupta, Micky Wu, Aishwarya Sethumadhavan, Yue Ying Yew and Mary Janda also played well and placed third as a result. 

Well done all!

Image by: Remco Baars