by Charlie Grubb


On Sunday 22nd November one of our two junior Theatresports teams performed in the 2020 south island junior Theatresports final.

Both of the two Riccarton High teams performed well in their heats, but only one made the final. 

Evienne Jones, Scarlett Dowty, Danielle Mitchell, and Arabella Aitken competed against five other teams from around the South Island. 

They played admirably and came through as clear winners to take home the junior South Island title, trophy and all.

Theatresports is an immensely difficult discipline as it requires the players to make up original theatre on the spot with only a basic starting idea to go on. Not only this, it is performed in front of an audience that is often completely unknown. Brave? You bet.

A big woohoo to our wonderful junior improvisers. A shout out to all our junior Theatresports players at the school. Without you all, we couldn't push our collective level to these heights. It is a win for all.

Image by: Charlie Grubb