MindPlus students have fun in Science lab

Recently students from MindPlus visited a Science Lab and completed some fun and fabulous chemistry experiments.

We had two groups visiting the lab, the Monday class and the Wednesday class.

MindPlus (NZCGE) have a classroom here on site at Riccarton High School and we try to collaborate with them when we can. 

The cross over this time was with Science where some of the students had been studying chemical reactions and chemical elements.

They came to our RHS Science lab for an hour and completed some hands-on experiments. 

We covered the 'pop test', where you test for Hydrogen gas and completed some colourful precipitation experiments to make pretty cool looking precipitates. 

We made sure to cover safety precautions and students got a chance to wear lab coats and glasses. 

The students really enjoyed themselves and showed a lot of excitement, check out these photos.