Media Project

A few weeks ago two of our students had the opportunity to work on a media project, where they created videos for the Ministry of Education. Rahil Uddin explains the project.

We were tasked with filming, editing, and sending off edited clips and a highlight reel of a TED Talk-Esque expo on “Positive Behaviour for Learning” over the course of a full day.

We borrowed gear from the school and from our personal kits too and were able to have a full day off school to go off-site filming.

Everything was left up to us, so we had full creative reign and control over everything that was being recorded, both visually and auditorily.

Working on setting up where everything was without any hassle was a really fulfilling experience!

We’re now working on the edit, and having never taken on this large of a project before. We did not anticipate the amount of work that went into this kind of video, especially when you have four cameras rolling at once - but it is all a learning experience.

Overall, it was an awesome experience and opportunity for the two of us to work on a project like this, and Lachlan and I got a great deal of new knowledge and a taste of what it’s like to work with a professional production company.