University Scholarships

A huge congratulations to the deserving students from Riccarton High School who received scholarships from universities across New Zealand.

We had eight students receiving Emerging Leaders’ Scholarships, each worth either $6,000 or $8,000, and multiple students receiving scholarships in their chosen field of interest, starting at $5,000. A special well done to Apoorva Patelkhana and Sion Choi who received multiple scholarships, and to Sophie Mullally who received a Performance Scholarship at Otago University, worth $16,000.

We hope you pursue what you enjoy doing with these scholarships and know that you have worked so hard. We can’t wait to see what kind of amazing people you will become after putting in even more time and effort into your futures. Once again congratulations!

University of Canterbury

Sion Choi: Leigh and Judith Pownall Scholarship - Music, $5 000 and Emerging Leaders' Scholarship, $6,000.

Apoorva Patelkhana: Riccarton Rotary Youth Trust Scholarship, $10 000 per annum and Emerging Leaders' Scholarship, $6,000.

Francesca Zhang: UC Alumni Scholarship, $5 000.

Aiyu Huang: International First Year Scholarship, $10 000.

Joshua Paul: Emerging Leaders’ Scholarship – Head Boy, $6 000.

Melanie Aitken: Emerging Leaders’ Scholarship – Maori Leadership, $6 000

Thomas Chin: Emerging Leaders’ Scholarship – Maori Leadership, $6 000 and College of Business and Law Award for Excellence - Law, $5 000

Otago University

Hannah McKeeman: 150th Scholarship, $6 000.

Sophie Mullally: Performance Scholarship, $16 000.

Lehman Taleni: Pacific Peoples’, $10 000.

Ashley Walsh: New Frontiers, $5 000.

Erica Chung: Leaders of Tomorrow – High Credit, $8 000.

Daniel Wei: Leaders of Tomorrow, $6 000.

Victoria University

Kasey Hillary: Victoria Totoweka, $5 000

Massey University

Charmaine Lam: Vice Chancellor's High Achiever with Distinction Scholarship, $5 000.

Lincoln University

Niamh Maxwell: Future Leaders' Scholarship, $6 000.