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Device Advice Term 4

Earlier this term our junior school was lucky to host an Attitude presentation for the second time this year.

Attitude was founded in 1996 and is dedicated to building resilient young people and reinforcing the positive messages they already hear from their parents, teachers and community. 

While all year levels get to hear their messages each year, in 2018 Riccarton High School was asked to host them a second time for their new presentation Tackling Technology especially tailored to our year 9 and 10 students.

Their speaker, Emma Robertson, did not disappoint. Strong messages around technology myths - “I can delete it” (false), “Nobody will know” (you will know) and “the likes really matter” (no they don’t) mixed with humour and real examples ensured that this visit was as well received as those previously.

A reminder that technology can lead to fails such as communication chaos when the incorrect emoji is used was balanced with savvy advice of how to say no when you’re asked online to share something inappropriate - “Hold on, I’ll just ask mum first”, and what exactly the Harmful Digital Information Act means for our young people as technology users.

She left us with four hot tips for being the best technology user possible, which resonated with our own digital tikanga. 

Be positive, be a creator, be switched on and be supported. A reminder that it’s not what we use but how we use technology that’s important.