Janine Ogier, Board Chair

Message from the Board of Trustees

Introducing Janine Ogier, our new Board Chair.

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce our Board of Trustees team to you and highlight our priorities for 2021. 

I'm the new Board Chair and this is my second term as an elected parent representative. I take care of the Redevelopment and Personnel Committees and also Chair our Discipline Committee. 

I'd like to thank the outgoing Chair and retiring Trustee Paul Bridgman for his many years of service to the Riccarton High School community. Now that his youngest son has left Riccarton, Paul has resigned and will continue to serve the wider community in other ways. 

We will miss Paul as he has contributed to the Board in many ways and advocated on behalf of parents, staff and students. We wish him all the best. 

Board members

Our finance expert is Mark Paul, who is serving his first term as an elected parent representative. 

Joanne Roberts and Blair McConnell are elected parent representatives in their first terms who are assisting with the governance of our outdoor education facility at Orohaki. Joanne also serves on our committee with the Library Team. 

Alvin Borlaza is a co-opted parent representative and he is also assisting with the governance of Orohaki. 

Our elected staff representative is Chris Singh, the Head of Guidance, while our elected student representative for 2021 is Keith Chand. 

Principal Neil Haywood is also an integral member of our board. 


This year one of our priorities is entrenching the fantastic opportunities our students have to visit Orohaki. 

Year 10 classes camped this term and next term it’s the turn of the Year 9s. 

We get great feedback about the wonderful experience that everyone has on camp. 

As this is the first year for this excellent facility to be used to its full capacity by the school, it is an exciting time.


We’re looking ahead to the school redevelopment next year. 

Currently our architects are designing the new learning spaces and they’ve been meeting with staff and students to get ideas and feedback. 

Once the plans are finalised later this year, we will share them with the wider school community.


Like many schools, Covid and the closed borders has impacted on our budget due to a smaller number of international students being in attendance. 

However, we’re committed to providing the best opportunities possible for our students and working to get the most out of our reduced budget.

It’s the second year for us to opt in to the Ministry of Education’s Donation Scheme on your behalf. This means your whanau’s donation for each student is covered by the Government. 

We thank you for your prompt payment of school invoices for other activities such as the Orohaki camp and sports. 

Please contact the school office to discuss alternative financial arrangements if you are having any difficulties with your payments.

The Board appreciates our fantastic staff at Riccarton High School. Every day they are working to help our teenagers excel as learners and good citizens.

Janine Ogier (email contact janineo@xtra.co.nz)