by Will Eason

Our New Staff

We gave our new staff members a chance to introduce themselves. Keep reading to find out more!
Image by: Will Eason

Jack Gibson

I'm Jack Gibson and I'm a first year teacher. I teach Maths in all years but year 12 this year, and I'm also qualified to teach Spanish. 

I went straight from graduating from Cashmere High in 2016 to getting a BA majoring in Maths and Spanish from UC to completing my teacher training in 2020 at the New Zealand Graduate School of Education.

I've lived in Christchurch and have played football my whole life. I still play football as my main hobby, but I also love watching all sports and hanging out with friends. 

Riccarton High stuck out to me before I even applied here because I had heard so many good things about the school: amazing students and staff, great atmosphere, and sporting/academic successes. Fortunately, I got the job and can't wait to spend many more years here.

Image by: Will Eason

Georgina Kavale

My name is Georgie Kavale and I teach 9R social studies, 10A social studies, Level 1 geography, and Level 2 geography here at RHS. 

I am brand new to the teaching profession, having completed a Master of Teaching and Learning endorsed in Secondary Education at the University of Otago at the end of 2020. 

Prior to this, I was a ski instructor in northern Alberta, Canada, for two years. 

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Geography in 2017.I am passionate about geography, particularly physical geography. 

When I'm not in the classroom I can usually be found somewhere in the mountains, either skiing, snowboarding, or fishing. 

I also love doing jigsaw puzzles, cycling, and being a plant-mum. I come from a family that loves to move around the globe, so I have been lucky enough to travel while growing up. 

Born in Dunedin (but only lived there during my uni years), I spent my early childhood in Brunei, then on to the lovely Twizel, and went to high school in Qatar. 

I have no doubt that this upbringing contributed to my decision to start my teaching career at Riccarton High School, being one of Aotearoa's most diverse schools. 

I was drawn to Riccarton High School by the values and the strong sense of belonging that exists here, so I was more than happy to pack up once again and move to Christchurch for the position. 

Image by: Will Eason

Fiona Logie

I'm at RHS teaching Maths - three Y11 classes, one year 12 and the class 9T, I'm loving the spirit of the school and the cultural diversity. 

I spent eight years back packing around the world and it is so exciting to meet students from countries I have explored and to meet students from countries I have yet to go to. So my next big adventure when the world opens will be the Philippines.

I love the outdoors and have been a resident Outdoor Education Teacher. 

 I have taught many subjects in many countries, I just love teaching. 

I have a partner who also teachers Outdoor Education and Maths and I have two sons, one doing a fashion design taster course at Ara and one finishing a Masters in Philosophy at Victoria university.

Image by: Will Eason

Juliet Fry

I am the new Head of Department for English for speakers of Other Languages. In that role I am supporting teaching of English language at all levels, from relatively new learners of English to those who are hoping to gain University Entrance literacy. AS well as supporting English learning I am passionate about supporting schools and families to help students maintain and develop their home languages. In this aspect of my work I am helping coordinate cross-school Tongan language and Cook Is Māori language classes in a Ministry of Education supported project.

For about 15 years I worked at the UC College of Education as a professional learning and development facilitator. I supported school leaders and teachers with general curriculum, literacy and teachers students who were learning English as an additional language. More recently I have been teaching at Christchurch Boys' High School. I have really enjoyed returning to teaching teenagers much more fun than teaching adults!

I live with my husband John and dog Mac. I am really pleased that my daughter is an engineer and my son is an artist - coolly different from each other and fantastic people. I like to cycle to work and grow fruit and veges. That takes up a lot of my spare time.

I am thrilled to work in Riccarton High School. I love the diversity perspective.