Model United Nations (MUN)

The Canterbury Model United Nations was recently held at the University of Canterbury, and Riccarton High School was very lucky to have two Year 10 students participating in the event.

Rahil Uddin and Hugh Ryan acted as the delegates for Mongolia and Kazakhstan respectively over the weekend-long conference.

Operating like a mini-version of the United Nations, our delegates got a chance to see how the United Nations general assembly operates when it gets together. 

They got the chance to debate, amend and work their way through four resolutions; Freedom of Movement, Foreign Intervention, International Trade and Responsibility of Governments. 

Alongside the resolutions, delegates got the chance to negotiate different, unrelated deals in two separate, smaller, workshop sessions to further develop their diplomatic skills while also having a bit of fun.

It was overall a fantastic opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow, our youth, to come together and see how part of the United Nations process works, and learn about some of the most critical and pressing issues that dominate the world today.

Rahil Uddin and Hugh Ryan