by RH

September is Arts Month

We are super excited about this initiative and are busy getting involved in what is a fantastic platform to give arts and creativity some serious oxygen.

This September the Arts Foundation, with the help of Creative NZ, Chartwell Trust, NZME, Phantom and Go Media, are going live and wide throughout New Zealand to create open and safe spaces to share what art is to Aotearoa.

Arts Month aims to bring arts up on the national agenda and map out Aotearoa’s own definition of art, while also acknowledging the arts and creativity as a valuable medium for a greater sense of wellbeing and connectedness in our communities.

We and the Arts Foundation are asking students and staff to express what ‘art is’ to them. A simple question with so many answers. Everyone is invited to participate in a digital and street-level campaign.


Share what ‘art is’ to you on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts using the hashtag #ArtsMonthNZ.

You can:

  • Share your ‘art is’ definition direct to your social media accounts from our online tool. (All the joys of Microsoft Paint, plus a little 2019 digital magic)

  • Pose with a printed version of what ‘art is’ to you. (Download one here)

  • Share a short video explaining what ‘art is’ to you on social media accounts using the hashtag #ArtsMonthNZ.

  • Document your experience at an Arts Month event. (Find an event near you here)

  • Find a Phantom Billsticker street poster to illustrate and photograph. (Find locations here)

Check out more on the Riccarton High Art Department Instagram and #ArtsMonthNZ

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