by Emma Trott

Women in Leadership

On the 28th of August, Ms Trott took eight Riccarton High Students to a ‘Women in Leadership Breakfast’.

This event highlighted the success of women at the University of Canterbury and was both inspiring and interesting to listen to. Laura Sahng; an ex-Riccarton head girl from 2015, hosted our table over a buffet breakfast. She gave great advice and even took our group on a tour of the University of Canterbury facility after the event had concluded.

We listened to three speakers; Jamie- Lee Tuuta, who has a Bachelor of Arts and Law and is the Registrar for the Waitangi Tribunal, Neryda Duncan, who works with MARS Bioimaging and has a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, and Coralie Winn, who has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours and is the co-founder of the Gap Filler post-earthquake enterprise.

We were able to ask questions after they spoke and it was interesting to hear what students from other schools brought up.

The event was inspiring, educational and gave us a great insight as to what university could be like as well as giving us a taste of what we could aspire to.

Personal Insight from Elisapeta Tuu (12MT)

 Along with 7 other Year 12's, I was invited to join the Women in Leadership breakfast, which took place at the University of Canterbury. We had some exceptional motivational speakers and they all inspired me to be the best I can be. They discussed the importance of getting involved in school activities and taking any opportunities that come our way throughout our lives. I wish to become a better person in the future and be a good role model for young people.