by Courtney Watson

International Food Day 2019!

On Tuesday the 27th of August, the Riccarton Highschool and the Cultural committee organized an international food day, held throughout lunchtime.

People from all of our diverse cultures at Riccarton were offering traditional food from their home countries. It was a wonderful festival of different cultures. Students from Riccarton Highschool were selling their traditional food inside the hall, stands with Crêpes (French), Wontons (Chinese), Japanese Curry and Hot Dogs were all included in the selection along with delicious baked goods and the ever-popular Bubble Tea.

Also, outside the hall were standing food trucks! The lines were massive and some students waited for the entire lunchtime to buy something, that’s how good the food was! We were treated to a very popular Indian food truck and as well as an Ice Cream truck, one that sold drinks and Souvlakis and one that sold donuts. It was great to see the Riccarton students celebrating our school's cultural diversity through food. Having a day like this is a very good opportunity to get to know different kinds of food from all around the world, a great initiative as food connects people and is a very big part of our lives and our cultures.

A big thank you to everyone that helped out in the organisation of the day and to those that worked to make the day possible!