by Caleb Weir

Musical Soiree in Lyttelton

An incredibly talented night.

The music students of Riccarton High School performed in the third annual Musical Soiree on the 14th of September at the Lyttelton Arts Factory. This was an outstanding display of talent at our school. Like the Musical Extravaganza in late May, the Soiree is an event where the students are able to show off their ability to perform outside of the classroom. However, the Soiree provides a new atmosphere.

The Lyttelton Arts Factory, as seen in the images, is a compact space which creates an environment where the performers can connect with the audience like never before. The Lyttelton Arts Factory team provide professional stage setting, lighting and sound technology, as well as food platters for the audience to enjoy as they watch the performers shine on stage.

For months, students had been preparing music which ranged from full ensembles such as the Jazz Band, led by Miss Plummer, to smaller groups or solo items organised by the students themselves, featuring sensational vocal or instrumental artistry. Students involved ranged across all the different year groups. It was especially great to see such a wide range of faces in the audience, including many staff, whanau and friends.

We'd like to say a massive thank you to our staff from the Art Department for putting together such a spectacular evening. Thank you to the team at Lyttelton Arts Factory for yet again providing a beautiful venue, fit to showcase our amazing talented musicians, and lastly, thank you to our Media and Advertising Division (MAD) for capturing all the moments for us to enjoy.

Ka pai to everyone involved in the making of this wonderful night!

A photo album of the evening is on our RHS Facebook.