by Kerry McCarthy

What we learned about ourselves in Lockdown!

Ms McCarthy’s Whanau class reflect on being home during lockdown.

Tim Gostomski

I learnt how to look after my mental health and keep my sanity by doing normal routine stuff like being well groomed as well I would go to school on any school day, as well as getting dressed because it's a good habit. Going outside and getting necessary vitamin D. I enjoyed online classes (like Zoom and Google meets) and seeing the teachers, also doing the big “phat” quiz that Miss Bell and Ms Mills made. I did Khan academy (which I highly recommend for year 9 and year 13).  I liked waking up between 9:00 and 11:00 am, and going to bed late.

Tony Lilley-Whinwray

I enjoyed doing maths and found it easy. I liked to sleep in. It was good to see my teachers and class in Zoom meetings. I could play basketball and cricket whenever I wanted. I found that I didn’t mind going for walks.

New Kernkhunthot

I enjoyed doing Zoom meetings and sleeping in in the morning. I had more time to read my book, it was a Goosebump book. I enjoyed watching Neighbours, Spiderman, Home Coming and Batman vs Superman. I played chess with my older sister Panmai.

Emmie Kate Jones

I found I had more time to do my art and I had more time with my Dad at his house. I love hugging my family. I liked cooking with my sister Amy. I could go for a walk by myself to the dairy shop and buy a treat that I like. I loved watching Netflix movies on my iPad and I liked to watch Youtube.

Georgia Flanagan

I had more time for arts and crafts. I learnt how to dance over Zoom with my JOLT classes. I enjoyed football with Dad. I enjoyed watching YouTube and Avengers Movies. I did daily fitness with my mum as it is important to be active. I missed Hayley, Cheyenne, Tony and Elijah.

Oliver Lainchbury

Although I enjoyed the Zoom meetings, I do prefer to be at school. I liked doing the daily work on Google Classroom. I enjoyed going for walks with my family. Spending more time watching funny things on YouTube.

It was nice spending more time with my family. I could listen to music whenever I wanted.

Aman Nautiyal

I had more time to watch YouTube and reading. I missed my friends Ozaer and Jubaer. It’s important to go for a walk every day. I had more time with my parrot (Pike), I enjoyed Zoom meetings with my friends and teachers. I had more time with my family and I did chores at home.

Laura Robertson

It was important to get out everyday for fresh air and to take my dog Buddy for a walk. I enjoyed not getting up early to my alarm clock. I enjoyed my class Zoom meetings but the Zoom meetings for ReCreate had too many people talking at one time. I enjoyed dancing over Zoom for my JOLT classes. I missed my friends and prefer to be at school mostly.