Riccarton International class of 2020

Riccarton International

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2020 got off to an unexpected and challenging start. Not surprisingly, international student numbers at Riccarton High School have taken a reasonable hit. We’re about 20% down on what we would be normally.

In spite of this, we’re very positive about 2021, due to New Zealand’s now stellar reputation overseas for having handled the COVID-19 response so well. I am receiving daily emails from agents and partners around the world congratulating us and inquiring about future enrolments, even for July! Sadly for us, that’s a little too soon probably.

Now back at school, we’re looking ahead to international boarders reopening and continuing to promote Riccarton High School more than ever as a top choice for secondary education.

Our current international students on the ground have coped exceptionally well with distance learning. We are very proud of them and we thank them for their resilience.

For the rest of the year, I look forward to spending more time with our international students than I would normally be able to, and really maximising their New Zealand experience with trips and cultural opportunities.